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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Brand "USA"

What is America's one word "brand" so far in the 21st Century?

Is brand the same as "culture?"

Professor Warren Susman, a cultural historian at Rutgers University whose writings were published this year in a collection called ''Culture as History: The Transformation of American Society in the 20th Century," thinks our brand is "PERSONALITY."

"Early American culture emphasized the value of hard work, integrity, courage. Early American culture demanded and honored what was termed character, which was a function of one's moral fiber.

Modern American consumption-oriented culture honors personality, which is a function of what one projects to others. The modern American culture of personality emphasizes charm, fascination and likability. The social role demanded of all in the new culture of personality was that of a performer. Every American was to become a performing self."

- Warren Susman

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