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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

200,000 New Humans Per Day

World Population Growth Alert:

Every day on planet Earth:

358,000 babies are born

155,000 people die

Net gain PER DAY

203,000 (2.4 per second)


6 million per month (~ 2 whole SF Bay Areas, 1 whole
new NYC or 6 Romes at the hight of the empire's

74+ million per year (~ 2 entire new Californias or
one new Germany)

Human population of Earth has Doubled since 1960.

Total as of 07/01/06 ~6,53 Billion

The UN celebrated the Day of 6 Billion on 12, October
1999...they made a cheery web site for it:

"The populations in the US and Europe are relatively
static. In 1960, 2.1 billion of the world’s 3 billion
people lived in less-developed regions (70 per cent of
the global population). By late 1999, the
less-developed regions had grown to 4.8 billion (80
per cent); 98 per cent of the projected growth of the
world population by 2025 will occur in these regions."

A whole bunch of good stats:


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