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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Epic Journey of My Male Ancestors

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I recently sent a DNA sample to the Genographic Project led by Spencer Wells, PhD., and sponsored by National Geographic, IBM, and The Waitt Family. I just received the results. My Paternal DNA (Y-chromosome) indicates that I am part of the haplotype (meta-tribe) that colonized central and northern Europe from the steppes of central Asia about 20,000 years ago: Cro-Magnon, Lascaux cave painters, tool makers, northernmost humans during the last ice age, 90% of Ireland and Southern England, as well as much of Spain and almost all of France and Germany.

The plasticity of the genome is simply amazing: it's highly probably that 100% of humans on planet earth today were fathered only 50,000 years ago (that's 2,000 generations, and less than 1,000 overlapping lives) by a single man who looked like the fellows below.

You can participate in the Genographic project too:


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