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Monday, October 30, 2006

Fagles New "Aeneid"

Professor Robert Fagles
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Professor Robert Fagles, 73, retired chair of comparative literature department at Princeton:

"If you depart from the civilized, then you become a murderer. The price of empire is very steep, but Virgil shows how it is to be earned, if it’s to be earned at all.

Derek Jacobi recorded Mr. Fagles’s “Iliad,” with great rhetorical force, and Ian McKellen his “Odyssey,” with particular feeling for the more intimate moments. Another great British actor, Simon Callow, has been recruited for the new “Aeneid."

Fagles new English translation of “The Aeneid” (Viking), "emerges as a work of surpassing beauty, feeling and even relevance, everything that teachers used to say it was."


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