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Monday, November 06, 2006

Apple: Think Now

Originally uploaded by sbove.
I ordered the 8GB version of the iPod Nano (product) RED with engraved name and phone number on Friday, normal delivery.

I got a notice from Apple with a FedEx tracking number on Saturday, clicked it and noted the "pick up location" was Shenzen, China!

The iPod arrived this morning (Monday), at around 10 AM Pacific time.


Suggestion for a new Apple marketing campaign:

"Think Now"

Suggestion for American manufacturing workers.

Go back to school.

Product Rating

  • Very nice packaging
  • Nice “clicking sound” added to UI
  • Overall an A+ presentation.
  • Dropped ball: Plugged iPod into G-5: still working on getting iTunes to see the iPod. The Apple web site fails to differentiate instructions for the Old Nano and the New Nano…the old one came with an install CD, the new one eschews such a clunky add-on. So, how do I make iTunes see the iPod?


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