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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Kerry Go Home

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Everything thats wrong with the Democratic party is manifest in John Kerry and the remark he made about troops, Iraq, college. High risk, low return. No control. No focused agenda. No strategy. No party coordination. Totally infuriating to anyone who wants to see the Republican regime depowered in the upcoming election. He should crawl back home and keep his head down for 10 years for such an f-up. DOES HE WORK FOR ROVE???! HE MIGHT AS WELL.

I am NOT a Republican, but I cannot, in good concience be a Democrat. They are the WORST poilitical strategists and managers imaginable. They deserve to be taken to the cleaners by the Republicans who at least understand how to fight a good street fight when one is warranted.

This country needs a new party to challenge the Republicans. It is NOT the Libertarians or the Greens. Its a NEW PARTY. Where is James Carville? Hes the only non-Republican with enough CLUE to do this. The Democrats are as DEAD as the WHIGS.


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