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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gas Tax

"Oil is yesterday's news, today's news and tomorrow's news. "

And this chart from a 2004 NY Times article shows something more people should be talking about NOW.

There is solid proof that a stiff gas tax drives down consumption.

It may also put a damper on certain sectors of the the party going on over at Exxon and Texaco.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You are Made of Black Holes

Physicists around the world are making great progress in understanding the fundamental structure of matter and energy.

Recently at Stanford's linear accelerator, matter was created from raw energy (particles created from light) for the first time.

Increasingly, it appears that fundamental particles (electrons, quarks and such) are:
  • extremely high frequency (10 to the 21st power)
  • small (sub-Schwarzschild-radius = below the radius at which their energy density becomes black-hole-like...which for the entire earth is around the size of a small marble(!), and which for a single HZ of radiation is...well, really small)
  • complex (toroidial-vortex-like)
  • high energy density (same as black holes)
  • superluminal (meaning inside them, the velocity of energy flow exceedes the speed of light "C")
  • 4 dimensional (not N dimensional as per various string theories)
  • slightly warbling (i.e., imperfect just a bit so that German physicists can have fun saying "zitterbewegung" - which means "jittering" - wegung )
  • Solitons (standing waves)
Imagine not "points of matter", but rapidly oscillating "ganeshas"...places where the energy density of space is so high (it was this kind of density that was created recently at SLAC and out of which "matter was created from light") that light (electromagnetic radiation) cannot propagate linearly and instead collapses inward on itself...still traveling at or above the speed of light, but "chasing it's tail" around a slightly off-center node...a mobius-strip-like "infinity sign" warbling about the centroid at 10 to the 21st oscillations per second.

The two forces in opposition (the electric and magnetic fields) endlessly chasing each other in the high density location are two aspects of the field that are in opposition in lower energy space-time (when light moves linearly)...and the "spin" (angular momentum about the centroid) is the result of the slightly out of balance nature of these two aspects of the field.

Edwin Babbit proposed this model of the fundamental structure of matter in the late 1800s...

Babbitt Atom

And Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater in 1895, described this struture deduced through "clairvoyant viewing" in their book Occult Chemistry:

More recent efforts from Dirac, Kerr, Feynman, Compton, Bohr, Siddharth, et. al. are synthesized here.

Remarkable similarities are emerging.

200,000 New Humans Per Day

World Population Growth Alert:

Every day on planet Earth:

358,000 babies are born

155,000 people die

Net gain PER DAY

203,000 (2.4 per second)


6 million per month (~ 2 whole SF Bay Areas, 1 whole
new NYC or 6 Romes at the hight of the empire's

74+ million per year (~ 2 entire new Californias or
one new Germany)

Human population of Earth has Doubled since 1960.

Total as of 07/01/06 ~6,53 Billion

The UN celebrated the Day of 6 Billion on 12, October
1999...they made a cheery web site for it:

"The populations in the US and Europe are relatively
static. In 1960, 2.1 billion of the world’s 3 billion
people lived in less-developed regions (70 per cent of
the global population). By late 1999, the
less-developed regions had grown to 4.8 billion (80
per cent); 98 per cent of the projected growth of the
world population by 2025 will occur in these regions."

A whole bunch of good stats:

Casualties of War?

Reality check:

Casualties in Iraq on both sides...based on a few different sites that seem to be tracking this fairly closely:

Iraq Army: 30,000+ dead, 60,000+ wounded.
Iraqi Civilians: 100,000+ dead, 200,000+ wouded.
US Military: 2,500+ dead, 19,000+ wounded.
US Civilians: 500+ dead, 1,500+ wounded.
Coalition Soldiers: 220+ dead, 600+ wounded.

Totals: 133,000+ dead, 280,000+ wounded.
About 1 Hiroshima or Nagasaki...

Total $$ cost of war to US taxpayers: estimates range from $300Billion to $1Trillion.

Total cost (so far) of $1/gal increase in price of gas at pump to US taxpayers: estimates range from $1Trillion to $2Trillion.

Small price to pay for "homeland security" and "Iraqi democracy."

Who gets to pay the tab? Any poor American bastard
younger than 45 years old, without a financial advisor and $1M in cash net worth.

See the ever-expanding-gobstopping-wikipedia for up to date stats.