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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Genesis - 05 - Supper's Ready (LIVE 1973)

YouTube has created impetus for resurecting amazing vintage/historical footage.

Case in point: this nearly half hour trip down memory lane with Peter Gabriel leading Genesis in a performance of their rock-operaesque opus, "Suppers Ready," from the prime of the FoxTrot-album era.

Thank goodness someone recorded this, and now that someone has posted it on YouTube for over 10,000 people so far to watch - I'd wager that's considerably more than have ever seen the original footage prior.

Gabriel inroduces the number with stories, then Hacket, Rutherford and Banks play 3-way 12 strings on the intro. The rest is perfect Genesis, as Gabriel plays flute, dons costumes and alternates effortlessly between sweet girlish impersonations and Mick Jagger struts. Banks stolidly lays down his Bach-worthy keyboard parts (don't miss the Apocalyse 9/8 section toward the end), and Phil Collins rips with jazz-fusion drumming flare that would soon summon Bruford and Thompson on Seconds Out taking Genesis to the peak of their rhythmic power.

One of the top 10 best uses I've seen for the Internet. I think I will dust off my Seconds Out vinyl tonight and celebrate ;-)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Apple's Customer Support Policy

Push For Service
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Steve Jobs has got the products right lately, but his company is still troglodytic when it comes to humilty about their mistakes. "Your new $5,000 Mac doesn't work? Dude, you must have bad karma."