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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Beautiful People I Don't Know

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I go to Flickr at least once every few days and find a new person's photos...I go through them...I meet their friends, their lovers, their dogs, see their houses, their families, their goldfish, their towns, their favorite beaches and sunsets, learn about their passions, their anxieties, their quirks, read comments on their photos posted by friends and other viewers from all over the entire world, sometimes I walk right into a traumatic moment...a girl putting down her life-friend dog, a mother lamenting the loss of a child....In a few minutes I know more about these distant people than I know about plenty of people I "know" in reality...A strange kind of intimacy. Sometimes I comment on a photo, send a greeting, a compliment. Sometimes I make them a "contact" and continue to see their photos stream across my contact page over the weeks and months to come. Sometimes I never see their stuff again. Its one of the greatest, most wonderful things ever...the good-side of the Internet...Through all these people, sharing memories, our experience is expanded...we learn and grow. But there is the melancholy of knowing that I will never really meet most of them...parallel universes never to intertwine...


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