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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heart of a New Quantum Computer

What’s That? (71)
Originally uploaded by jurvetson.
From Steve Jurvetson's photoblog:

"This quantum computer employs the resources of 65,536 parallel universes to compute answers in a fundamentally new way.

Here you see an array of 128 lumped element filters, one for each input line. The space is constrained because the filters and wires need to fit into the dilution fridge cylinder. The filters remove noise and crosstalk (opposite of an antenna) from the signals that drop down to the heart of a new quantum computer, cooled to 0.005 degrees above absolute zero… about 500x colder than the coldest place in remote outer space.

So in a way, the filter block is an electronic interface between our world and the quantum entangled world. It comes from the quantum computer that the Canadians at D-Wave Systems plan to unveil on Feb 13..."


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