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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nicole by Merkley

One day, I'd like to meet a girl who posed for Merkley. I'd interview her extensively on his technique, not photographic, in, how the heck does this guy, who is obviously witty as hell and good looking and all that, but still, how does he talk all these NORMAL girls into posing NEKID for him??? Its a good skill to have. I'd also like to buy one of his paintings, but of course he would hate that (see 4th blog entry on page titled "Your baby is adorable...), so I'll have to turn his persuasiveness back upon him and talk him into selling one to me on the condition that I place it in a bullet proof Plexiglas box all mona-lisa-louvre-like on the side of an armored city bus painted up like his website (which would scare even Ken Kesey), so it will travel around night and day spreading loveliness until someone steals the entire bus to pry out his art which would be scandalous and funny and bring him unwanted fame like Banksy.

Don't miss his blog and of course, the ladies.


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