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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

900Mhz wireless speakers.

900Mhz wireless speakers.
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Another AR innovation. Patented wireless battery-or-wall powered speakers. Plug the transmitter into your compuer or stereo or ipod and it broadcasts a hi-fi signal to any of the speakers (not just two of them) within 300 feet...through walls, glass, trees...whatever. The battery power option is great so the speakers can be placed anywhere without wires (toss a few in choice locations during a party). The eco-friendly engineers at AR even included a battery charger so that if you put in rechargable cells, all you have to do is plug in the speakers for awhile and they're ready to go powercord-less again. Nice. Reviews on Amazon indicate the sound is a bit bass-y. Too bad the spks. don't have independent tone controls next to their volume knobs. Expect AR to start selling transmitter-less sets for people who need more than 2 speakers. At $199 for the set up (and as low as $150 on some sites now), there's hardly reason to fret about buying an extra transmitter. More on the AR site.


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