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Friday, February 02, 2007

Boston, Ever heard of Radios?

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A few questions. Do the Boston police have radios? Do they know how to use them? Didn't they have to find one of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED guerrilla marketing gizmos *before* they found the others. Didn't the first guys figure out what it was (or wasn't) which might have required the bomb squad, but probably only required poking it? Couldn't all the other police have learned about this by radio in a few seconds? Isn't this what happened in the other 6 or 7 cities where these devices caused nothing more than a bit of media attention (well deserved, BTW, b/c these are really nicely done little LED panels)? Isn't it ridiculous to arrest the guys who were paid by someone else to put these things up, when it should be the Boston police who pinch themselves for histrionics and poor communication? 'Nuff said. PS: a few of these devices made it to eBay, ran up to $3,000 and then were pulled (could have been shills and scammers). I want one. But from a Amazon when it's been productized by the copyright owners and runs on wall current.


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