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Thursday, February 22, 2007

USS Stennis Heads for Harm's Way

USS Stennis
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From MoveOn:

"On Tuesday, a second US aircraft carrier arrived in the Sea of Oman off the southern coast of Iran1 giving a whole new meaning to the term "escalation."

The Bush administration is hell-bent on sending 21,000 troops to Iraq against the wishes of most Americans, but now it seems like they might not stop there.

While the war in Iraq grows worse by the day, the White House seems to be turning its sights toward neighboring Iran which could escalate the current conflict into a regional one. This reckless move comes despite the fact that most experts believe diplomacy is the way to go with Iran.

President Bush is out of control, and Congress needs to step in immediately to rein him in. Please sign this petition to Congress asking that they require the president seek their authorization before taking military action in Iran. Clicking here will add your name to the petition.


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