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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Condoleezza, I pity thee, I scorn thee...

condoleeza_rice demonstrates the measure of her honor.
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When Condolezza Rice was appointed National Security adviser, she became a pitiable character. A nonthreatening, unconnected placement by powerful, evil men into a position with power she would never be allowed to exercise. She was, from day one in the Bush administration, a tool. Her record as National Security Advisor is proof that she let herself be used, day in and day out, as a mouthpiece for Dick Cheney's defense policy. Her actions in this regard were abominable.

When Rice was appointed Secretary of State, she became more reprehensible. Kicked upstairs into a position of unprecedented prominence for an Afro-American woman, she was once more queued by Bush and Cheney to be used for whatever means they saw fit. She had been tested in her previous position and proved "trustable" who would toe-the-line, never break ranks...the perfect foil for the white oil-man's international petro-price & power game.

Today, Condoleezza hit new lows. Acting against her better judgment, toeing the line without courage and without creativity, she fell in and played her role, unconvincingly, as the mouthpiece for Cheney foreign policy driven economic sanctions against Iran. These sanctions and *all or any* actions taken by the US government that controvert patient, polite diplomatic dialog with Iran are extremely dangerous and not in the best interest of world peace or US foreign relations at large. Condoleeza ought to have resigned before letting herself be used this way.  Pitiable, but now, more than ever, culpable for the crimes against humanity committed by this government while she watched.


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