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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guillermo Habacuc Vargas Starves Dog as Art

This poor homeless dog (more photos here) was captured on a street in Costa Rica, tied to a wall in an art gallery as an exhibit and starved/dehydrated to death over a day as people walked around the gallery...I shit you not.

This completely ruined my week. 

Read the articles and blog coverage here:

Sign the petition to have this person sanctioned here:

Read a post here that sums up my feelings perfectly:

"this jerk is no artist he's a disturbed sadist who enjoys inflicting prolonged suffering upon innocent animal victims and those who bore witness to the suffering and did nothing are equally as guilty."


  • This was very inhumane. On the wall behind the dog, he wrote "You are what you read" in dog food...which means he clearly wasnt trying to show you how horrible the life of a stray dog is to provoke great emotion...He thought he was being clever. If he wanted to show the sadness of starving stray dog, he couldve taken a picture of it on the street...which wouldve provoked sadness, and not anger...and he would not be contributing to its death either way...or its life but you know, thats another thing...All the people who saw this take place and did nothing, are equally at blame. Everyone who lets something like this happen, makes our world a worse and worse place.. You cannot allow sick demented people to behave in this heinous ways. I think he should be starved to death for art, but I know that will never happen, so I just hope he gets the worst of whatever punishment he can get.
    -Marianna Victoria

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:39 PM  

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