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Monday, October 22, 2007

James Lovelock: Human Population will Crash

James Lovelock
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The 88 year old British scientist who discovered the ozone problem related to CFCs has come forth saying Global Warming is irreversible.

He thinks that by the end of the century global famine and catastrophe brought on by the Gaia organism (Earth) will slam humanity back into line...6 billion deaths and untold suffering later...

2100; welcome to planet earth, human population 500,000.

"the human race has gone through many bottlenecks before --and perhaps we're the better for it. Then he tells me the story of an airplane crash years ago at Manchester Airport. "A fuel tank caught fire during takeoff," Lovelock says. "There was plenty of time for everybody to get out, but many of the passengers wouldn't move. They just stayed there in their seats as they were told to, and the people who escaped had to climb over them to get out. It was perfectly obvious how to get out, but they wouldn't move. They died from the smoke or burned to death. And an awful lot of people, I'm sad to say, are like that. And that's what will happen this time, except on a much vaster scale."

Lovelock looks at me with unflinching blue eyes. "Some people will sit in their seats and do nothing, frozen in panic. Others will move. They'll see what's about to happen, and they'll take action, and they'll survive. They're the carriers of the civilization ahead.""


  • stephen
    did you ever hear about POLAR CITIES for the future? google the term or wikipedia it. see blog at


    lovelock is right! ouch!

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