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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lewis Lapham on the election of GWB

Lewis Lapham
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He called it perfectly on November 8, 2002:

Lewis Lapham, student of history at Yale and Cambridge, grandson of a controversial pro-business San Francisco Mayor Roger Lapham (1944-1948), prolific book author, Hall of Fame journalist, Editor of Harpers, now founder of the Lapham Quarterly and Creator of the new documentary film "The American Ruling Class," in a PBS interview with Bill Moyers:

"Well, I think the Republicans won and I think the oligarchy won.

MOYERS: Oligarchy.

LAPHAM: Yes. I think that the Congress represents what I would call the frightened rich, the people who think that the democratic experiment has served its purpose, run its course, gone far enough.

And here we are, we will now protect ourselves with...behind gated communities or with such steep differences between incomes that we will be forever safe. And or with an invincible army that will...or an invincible homeland security department that will protect us against death and time.

And so I think that the election that Bush appealed to the country's weakness and fear, not to its courage and strength, and for the moment, I think that the message of weakness and fear found a sympathetic hearing."

PBS transcript of whole interview here.


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