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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

$1.6 Trillion - Another Cost of War Estimate

Let's see. If I were in charge of something, say the Department of Defense, and I stated in public, backed up by someone else, say the VP and President of the United States, that the so called "war on terror" in Afganistan and Iraq was going to cost $50B to $75B. And it turned out, 6 years later to have cost between $1.6 Trillion and $2.4 Trillion, which is at least 21 X (twenty one times, thats 2,100%) my original estimate, I have to tell you that I would expect 1) to be dismissed from office and taken to court, 2) to be convicted of various felony offenses and put in jail or worse, and 3) that the American people would want and deserve to do those things to me for gross negligence if not outright fraud, treason, and conspiracy. I would expect these things and maybe even being dragged from my car and ripped limb from limb by an angry mob. But I guess that's because I'm honest and responsible, and the unchallenged, unlawful behavior of the President, the Vice President, and many of their advisers is simply unfathomable to me - unfathomable that they would do these things, and unfathomable that our Senators and Reps. and Supreme Court Justices, and journalists and pundits, and power-elite-citizen lawyers would let them get away with it. IMHO, Americans need to start pointing the finger, blaming, and demanding justice for what these incompetent and unlawful people did to our country. About 120 Million American tax payers should want to see some high government officials in Washington (and where-ever else they slithered and roved off to) doing the perp-walk. The orange monkey-suited perp walk, right into a maximum security federal penitentiary.


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