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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lennon Vs. USA

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I was born in 'early 64. Jerry Rubin (and, strangely enough, the guy who produced the Partridge Family) went to my high school in Cincinnati (Walnut Hills).

But the Beatles, Lennon, Vietnam, Watergate, Tricky Dick, "Impeachment", "four dead in O HI O", hippies & flower girls (who I thought were cool, even though I could sense my parents didn't quite know what to make of them)...All that energy and subsequent anger was a mystery to me.

I remember Nixon being the first "politician" I was scared of...My parents radiated palpable revulsion for him and held lasting grudges against neighbors who put up Nixon campaign signs. To them, he was the enemy -- a slithering Golum-like puppet of a mysterious evil force that insinuated itself into the government of their great society. Truly, what was Nixon but a cancer compared to pillars like FDR, Ike, Kennedy?

Liddy and the rest of Nixon's creepy thugs were brought down during Watergate, but that wasn't close to their biggest crime. They got smacked for proverbial tax evasion after murdering millions.

I've voraciously studied the period from WW I to the present and understand much of what happened now. But movies like this add vibrant context...even for people who were adults through it all...

My favorite photo in the film: A priceless shot of Rubin, Yoko, Lennon and Hoffman. Artist revolutionaries arm-in-arm.

My favorite quote from Gore Vidal's touchingly emotional interview in the film: "Lennon was a threat because he represented Life. Nixon, and the current Bush regime represent death."

It's that simple.

Three cheers to filmmaker David Leaf for a commendable piece of work.

Given the resurgence of Nixonesque leadership in Washington, it could'nt be more timely.

See it, buy it, learn about it.


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Deskus Archeaologicus c.Jan.2007

Deskus Archeaologicus c.Jan.2007
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Still using same architects drafting table from 1995. Twin 23" cinema displays, two logitech 518 laser mice (the mouse is really hard to evolve around), blackberry (killer product, extortionate phone company rates and shitty service), 8GB Red iPod (this docks to car, kitchen Tivoli, and Roland digital drum kit), same Sharp solar powered calculator from 1989 ('s still the best, best ROI of any purchase ever), ari hart fly fishing reel (traingle model, reminder of elegant, simple, just slightly innovative design), Panasonic phone and answering machine out of frame to left from 1995 (both suck, but after 3 tries including a multi-hundred dollar Meridian set up, can't find better). Underneath desk: Mac G5 (1st model, sucky firewire, sucky core-midi bugs, cool iChat AV, cool iTunes, cool video editing, although FinalCut was UI was created by morons), Dell Precision 330 (the EverReady bunny of computers, although Win2000 is having compatibility problems with everything lately). Brother MFC 8840-D printer, fax, scanner, xerox (very satisfying $300 product, mainly b/c it prints 2 pages on both sides of a single sheet which means compression of 4:1 when printing drafts of long docs.), Toshiba Satellite Laptop M350s320 (stable, portable, does everything). Note: I own no computing device that runs north of 2GHz. That will be changing soon as I upgrade both Mac and PC. >1TB of external disc storage in various Lacie drives (this will be going up to 5TB in near future). Sony Powershot s110 camera (will soon be upgrading this trusty workhorse to the new 7 series for movie-shots, IS, bigger viewing screen), Zoom H-4 handy recorder (amazing product! - a hand held $300 24bit/96Khz recording studio with built in stereo mics that records on SD cards - "you are there" recordings anytime u want 'em...a high res audio "camera"), variousnetworking gizmos.