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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

To the Thugs go the Spoils. $7 Trillion of your money.

Dick and Dolt
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It took all of $100 billion of VC to fund the entire
information economy (1994 through 2001) - massive
capital allocation efficiency, massively positive
impact. "The largest (and I might add, most positive)
legal creation of new wealth in History." (J. Doerr)

For the price of the Iraq war alone, we could have
bought 4.5 Million Priuses, that's 15,000 miles of
45 MPG Priuses bumper to bumper. $7 trillion in
Priuses = 318 for every US citizen...a
row of green cars stretching around the equator 40

For the 7 trillion in new National debt, we could have
financed every start-up and every artist in the entire
country more-or-less indefinitely, or put every kid in
America in private school (K-12 + college) for FREE
for 70 years.

We could have installed an equatorial solar array
(using productized & readily available technology) in
swaths throughout the tropics that would power all
the electricity for the entire planet (Global
Electricity consumption: 16.33 trillion kWh (2007
est.) x "cost at massive scale" of installed solar
panels and related transmission infrastructure @
.45/KW of output.

The whole raging success of the Internet economy, its
entire positive impact on the world was a flea on the
back of this gigantic FRAUD. It is the single most
astounding waste in the history of the world.

The attached sheet is a small accounting of the vast
and horrific devastation these people have brought to
our nation.


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