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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Iraq Conquest - A Clear Victory for American Control Interests

American control interests have achieved a stunning victory in Iraq: Complete devastation of the infrastructure; subjugation of the people to martial law; theft of access to all valuable assets (oil); installation of a control structure for further conquest and dominion in the middle east. This operation which killed by many estimates over 1 Million Iraqis, expended a MERE 4,000 US troops (with somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 non-death casualties) - a .004 death-to-enemy-death casualty ratio (amazingly efficient compared to WWII). And, the cost of the operation, both past, present and future (which currently totals more than $1 Trillion USD and may, on a Net Present Value basis, run to over $10 Trillion during the coming years) has been billed to the GENERAL American public (99% of which derive net-negative benefit from it) via Federal Debt.  The troops and mercenaries who fought and continue fighting this war believe all sorts of utter myths about their objectives including but not limited to (hilariously) that they are helping the Iraqis attain "freedom and democracy" (enslavement), and that they are defending their homeland against extremist Muslim terrorists (multiplying the number and resolve of existing and future terrorists exponentially).

All in all, a near TOTAL VICTORY that each and every member of the American control-class should be celebrating.