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Thursday, April 10, 2008

San Francisco says NO to China Olympics Torch Run

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Yesterday, I was particularly proud to be a San Franciscan. My city-mates (and apparently thousands of people from all over California and even the US at large) converged on the embarcadero with great enthusiasm and compassion, and sent a powerful message to the Chinese government: "We are not trying to penalize the Olympics or the Athletes who will participate in them, but we will NOT stand by idly while a country of China's international stature advocates policies of genocide, criminal brutality, and political/religious oppression. We will not stand for it from China and we won't stand for it as our own Federal government does EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS to Iraq and Afghanistan. Troglodytic, reptilian, fear based foreign policy is a dangerous and obsolete mode. China, step it up! Tolerance and individual freedom are plenty compatible with economic prosperity.

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